Fuss It Up! Designs has expanded!

Fuss It Up! Designs has expanded!  

Several weeks ago I was contacted about being part of
a brand new boutique in the downtown skywalk.  Now that the Summer Farmers/Art Markets are over, this new boutique is a great way to still have a presence downtown during the holiday shopping season.
Some items for sale include original art by Renee Mak and Angela Meijer, prints, cards, glass jewelry, handpainted t-shirts & scarfs, journals, polymer clay necklaces & ornaments, pure silver pendants and brand new
Fuss It Up! plush pillows.  

The new store is called “A Little Bit Of Everything” and  
was just featured in the Des Moines Register. We have 
a ribbon cutting and grand opening event scheduled for
November 2nd with some great food and prizes!  
Below is the article as it was published… 


New Kaleidoscope boutique features clothing, accessories, art and more

2:45 PM, Oct 25, 2011 | by Joanne Boeckman |
A new shop has opened on the downtown skywalk, across from the Friedrich’s Coffee kiosk and in the space that was previously occupied by JNK Wear in the Kaleidoscope at the Hub.
A Little Bit of Everything Boutiques is appropriately named. It features products from about a dozen merchants and items sold there include jewelry, handbags and other accessories, clothing, original artwork, baby and children’s accessories and more — most of it with appeal for women.
A Little Bit of Everything was opened by Hubbell Realty Co. and is managed by its Hubbell Retail Operations division. Most of the vendors are local merchants and include Arm Candy; B & B Handmade Products; Bella Boutique; BJ Sittig Artwork; Fuss It Up! Designs; Maggie’s Rose Garden and Jelly Bean Dreams; Mainstream Boutique; No Wick For This Chick; The Crazy Hat Lady; Vision of Beauty; and What Women Want Boutique.
“The boutique provides our merchants with a unique opportunity to showcase their products in a high-traffic, downtown location,” said Kelly Sharp, vice president of Hubbell Retail Operations.
Krista Capp, vice president of property management for Hubbell Realty, said there is a demand for retail in the Kaleidoscope at the Hub.
“After talking with local retailers who referred us to a similar successful concept in Kansas City and Sioux City, we thought we had to try it out for ourselves,” Capp said.
A Little Bit of Everything Boutiques opened Oct. 18. A grand opening event and ribbon cutting will be in November.
Hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesdays through Friday.

East Village Sunday Bazaar!

Summer has ended and Fall has begun!
Fuss It Up! Designs has once again signed up to be part
each Sunday in September and October
from 12noon until 4pm.
The weather has been great and Fuss It Up! has once again
been the most colorful spot on the block!
Each week I bring a colorful display of artwork…
personally designed and handmade jewelry…
handmade journals for kids and adults…
original collections…
interesting gift items…
and much much more!
So mark your calendars and join me
at the East Village Sunday Bazaar
in Downtown Des Moines…
located at East 5th and Locust!
You can find me next to
the best polymer clay jewelry ever!

Latest News from Fuss It Up!

  Fuss It Up! Designs is a constant evolution of art, artists and creativity!  It’s a place where those who appreciate art or need a quick gift can stop in and shop the boutique for an artsy, one of a kind item!

We have been so busy with the outdoor markets since the weather has warmed up… and some while it was still quite chilly!

Our Summer and Fall schedules are filled as well!

As a matter of fact, you can find us out and about most weekends from now until the

Christmas shopping season.

Fuss It Up! has added several new lines since last years market season but still

offers some of the same “fun, flirty & fabulous” finds…

all hand made, of course!

Artist Kelli Worth still offers her take on upcycled BLING…

including belt buckles, vintage FUSSED UP skeleton keys, upcycled copper and the

always popular soldered dominos, anagrams and typewriter keys!

Artist Angela Meijer has joined our team as visiting artist in residence

and made the FABULOUS market day aprons we wear!

Her artwork always has bright colors with heavy gloss and

takes you to another world!  Her cards and art prints, including her

Pennies4Paris line, are big sellers… so get them while you can!

My artwork, Renee Mak, also contains bright colors intended to

get your attention and carries subtle undertones of peace, hope, love and happiness!

We always bring a wide selection of FABULOUS fine art merchandise to markets

including cards, prints, journals, jewelry and of course,

original artwork!

Another FUN addition to this years’ market season is


Please join us tonight and every Thursday night for the Valley Junction

Farmers Market or at any other upcoming Markets!

Future dates to be announced soon!!!


Spring Gallery Night Sneak Peak Alert!

A mixed media group of artists, three to be exact, will be showing
the outcome of several weeks of work on a book called “Project: Code Blue”.
Each artist worked on a series of pages, individually, that were then added to the final collection… or book.  Here is part of a short poem about the project and a “sneak peak” of the artwork from each artist.  Please come view Project: Code Blue in person April 15, 2011 from 5 to 9pm at
Fuss It Up! Designs… Boutique & Art Studio!!!
Cover Art by Abigail Livingood

Project: Code Blue
(Part of a short poem by Renee Mak)

Sometimes the end of a project is only the Beginning


“Three  different artists,
working together on one goal,
didn’t set out to change the world,
but hoped to help at least one soul!
They shared music, poetry, paints and books…
and learned new techniques
that could change the looks
of the art they created
for all to see,
in Valley Junction at a little gallery.
Artwork by Angela Meijer

They worked hard together and

they laughed carefree…
They discovered old fears and
conquered adversity…
They talked of despairs and
then celebrated each victory.
With apples and chocolate
and champaign, too…
they discovered new ways
to make it through!
As time for this group drew to an end, 

they discovered one truth, one noticeable trend…


Artwork by Renee Mak
“Project: Code Blue” book available at Fuss It Up! on  Gallery Night  or after April 15.
Feel free to leave comments below!


Color Workshop!!!

I stumbled upon this workshop on color and really want to share it!

It’s put on by artist/blogger Bonita Rose and you can read all

about it on her fabulous Blog called

“A Life Unrehearsed”, which I LOVE!

She’s an amazing person.. which leads me to believe this eCouse will be too!

Color Your World 2.0 eCourse!

Not only do you get 8 weeks of inspiration but you also

get to become part of a community of artists that

sounds really amazing!

Here is a quote about this course:

“No matter what your hobby is,

whether it be drawing, sketching, painting,

scrap-booking, stamping, sewing, paper-crafting,

fiber arts, mixed media, beading –

this course will help you to stretch your own personal creativity!”

Read more: http://alifeunrehearsed2.blogspot.com/2011/03/its-almost-time-classroom-open-on-apr.html#ixzz1I0sGEoMK

Hope you all join this…

Have a great day!


‘”Orange” you glad you took a look!!!’ by fussitup

When I think of the color ORANGE, I always think JUICY! Haha…but here are a few fabulously fresh orange ideas to get you ready for the warmer weather! Enjoy…

Orange Vintage Acrylic Dome …


Sometime Today….Reproducti…


Matted Real Maple Leaf Inscr…


Zesty Pink Grapefruit Handcr…


Small Orange Yellow Red Sun …




Original art block-Fuzzy Ugl…


Countenance Print 8×10


Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Art…


Vintage Glass Candle holder


Hot Orange Silk Flower Stret…


Bowie Rock T-Shirt (Kids) Or…


Vintage 50s 60s Artist’s…


2 pcs Cushion Covers – Sweed…


iPhone Decal Sticker color O…

Haha!!  So glad you stopped by!  Enjoy your weekend and have a great week!!!

Treasury tool is sponsored by Lazzia.com A/B image testing.

Paint Group at Fuss It Up!

Paint group was filled with happy painters Thursday night!

For the second time, artist Victoria Gobel led the artists

in the “Pretty Self Portrait” workshop!

Even the pup Millie liked watching what was going on…

And all’s well that ends well!

Happy Painting!!!

Busy Week at Fuss It Up!

We’ve had quite the busy week here at the Studio!

Mixed Media Collage

Monday was fast and furious as a friend and I went downtown to see two exhibits.  First it was the Heritage Museum which featured select fine art reproductions from The Saint John’s Bible.

It’s the first illuminated, handwritten Bible commissioned by a Benedictine Monastery in 500 years!  My favorite things were the illustrations and how the artists used the colors blue and gold!  You can see more at www.saintjohnsbible.org.

Starry Night

Our second stop was the IMAX theater and the Van Gogh film called Moi, Van Gogh!

Again, the colors where what impacted me the most!

Monday night was the third (out of four) studio night for a family who just wanted

to get together and paint.  They came with their own supplies and

I offer guidance and inspiration.

I must say, I’m amazed at the progress and am excited to see

what they paint next!

(If this type of class interests you, just leave me a comment and we’ll talk!!!)

Tuesday brought together a small but mighty group of mixed media artists. (Yes… I’m one of them!) This is a highly inspired group on a mission.  The end result will be shown off on April 15th at the historical Valley Junction Spring Gallery Night right here at Fuss It Up!  If you’re local, you won’t want to miss it!  Details soon!

Mixed Media Collage

Wednesday was my weekly studio painting day with the fabulous Angela Meijer!  We had much to do as we are also working towards showing new works at the Spring Gallery Night!

Thursday also started fast and furious with a private abstract acrylic painting workshop for a mother and daughter!

Abstract Acrylic Workshop

This was so special and they had a blast!

Tanya and her daughter!

What a great idea for Spring Break!

Pretty Self Portrait Workshop

Thursday night paint group was also a special night for all of the young painters!  Artist Victoria Gobel

led a “Pretty Self Portrait” workshop and the girls really did great!








That brings me to Friday… today.

I was so excited to paint and made myself get some much over due work done before I could start.  It was really good to get the work done but now I don’t have time to paint!

Guess that leaves tomorrow!!!!

The weather is so nice…  get out and enjoy it!



The Start of Something New…

Gathering Supplies…

Music from an old Hymnal...

My overall vision for my new mixed media collage series became much clearer this morning…

so I finally decided on some collage elements.

Music has always been such an important part of my life…

Music for collage... magnified over 400 times!

and songs including scripture and uplifting themes always help
lift my soul!

And so… inspirational music has again found its way into my mixed media collage work!

I love magnifying the pages… making them so much larger then people expect them to be… it inspires me!

Let the layering begin!!!