My name is Renée Mak and I create original art both traditionally and digitally and love combining the two for one of a kind artsy gift items.

Almost halfway thru life I discovered that I see things a little differently than most people.  Rarely is anything ordinary in my eyes, and if I think it is, well then… I feel compelled to “fuss it up“!  I love and appreciate art of all kinds… but really love bold colors, textures and patterns!  Creating and teaching art, whether it’s painting, pattern making or almost any other creative medium,  gives me great joy.  And the one thing I love more than doing art is doing art with other artists!   If you’re joining in online, well don’t be a stranger… SAY HELLO ANYTIME!

I can be reached online at the following sites:

Like me on  Face Book!

Follow my blog  My Fussed Up Life



Email  fussitup@live.com

or just call

515-865-3044 and be sure to leave a message!



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Renee:

    I met you this morning at church. I thought I would check out your website from the card that you gave me. It was so nice to meet you this morning. I hope to come over and check out your shop sometime.

    Take care.


  2. Hi. Darnell and Roger here. We met you last year, while we were in town for the quilt expo. We talked for a while. Just wanted to drop off a note to let you know that we will be in the area on Thursday March 10th. We are bringing along some artsy items that we would like your opinion on. Can’t wait to catch up.

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