Changing Blog Locations!

Just a quick note…

all future posts can be followed at

I’ve hesitated but here are the reasons for switching over to Blogger.

The time it takes to do a simple blog post is cut drastically with Blogger.

I’m not sure why but I think it has something to do with WordPress’s

embedded editing software.  I feel like it’s always fighting my creativety

when it comes to how I’d like my post to look… including something as simple

as changing the font!  Wordpress even edits my html… which defeats the purpose of using html in the first place.

WordPress also allows spam bloggers. Almost every time I post I receive a comment from a WordPress blog that is just an advertisement

with a WordPress address.  This has never happened with Blogger.

The bottom line is…

blogger is quicker, runs smoother as I create posts, handles

“fake” blogs for me

and doesn’t fight my creativity.

Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.






One thought on “Changing Blog Locations!

  1. I’ve been using blogger for a long time now and don’t seem to have a lot of the problems others do and you are right, it is soooo simple to post the way you want. Good luck with it! xox Corrine

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