Busy Week at Fuss It Up!

We’ve had quite the busy week here at the Studio!

Mixed Media Collage

Monday was fast and furious as a friend and I went downtown to see two exhibits.  First it was the Heritage Museum which featured select fine art reproductions from The Saint John’s Bible.

It’s the first illuminated, handwritten Bible commissioned by a Benedictine Monastery in 500 years!  My favorite things were the illustrations and how the artists used the colors blue and gold!  You can see more at www.saintjohnsbible.org.

Starry Night

Our second stop was the IMAX theater and the Van Gogh film called Moi, Van Gogh!

Again, the colors where what impacted me the most!

Monday night was the third (out of four) studio night for a family who just wanted

to get together and paint.  They came with their own supplies and

I offer guidance and inspiration.

I must say, I’m amazed at the progress and am excited to see

what they paint next!

(If this type of class interests you, just leave me a comment and we’ll talk!!!)

Tuesday brought together a small but mighty group of mixed media artists. (Yes… I’m one of them!) This is a highly inspired group on a mission.  The end result will be shown off on April 15th at the historical Valley Junction Spring Gallery Night right here at Fuss It Up!  If you’re local, you won’t want to miss it!  Details soon!

Mixed Media Collage

Wednesday was my weekly studio painting day with the fabulous Angela Meijer!  We had much to do as we are also working towards showing new works at the Spring Gallery Night!

Thursday also started fast and furious with a private abstract acrylic painting workshop for a mother and daughter!

Abstract Acrylic Workshop

This was so special and they had a blast!

Tanya and her daughter!

What a great idea for Spring Break!

Pretty Self Portrait Workshop

Thursday night paint group was also a special night for all of the young painters!  Artist Victoria Gobel

led a “Pretty Self Portrait” workshop and the girls really did great!








That brings me to Friday… today.

I was so excited to paint and made myself get some much over due work done before I could start.  It was really good to get the work done but now I don’t have time to paint!

Guess that leaves tomorrow!!!!

The weather is so nice…  get out and enjoy it!




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