Abstract Acrylic Workshop!

Abstract Acrylic Workshop!!!

We all had a blast last night at Paint Group!  Well known artist Angela Meijer came and led an amazing workshop on abstract acrylic painting.

Angela taught us to just let go and go beyond …

beyond what we would normally do.

To take risks… to smudge, splatter and pour our little

hearts out onto the canvas… and everyone did great!!!

The end results were astounding!  It was so liberating and I highly recommend it!

We got messy, the floor got messy…

and our canvases really got messy!

And wasn’t it Van Gogh who said “…if it doesn’t get messy, it isn’t art…”

Well, we made a lot of art last night!!!

And had a blast doing it!!!


To request this or any other art class at Fuss It Up! Designs,  send an email request to fussitup@live.com!

And “Like” us on FaceBook for updates!!!


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