In the Studio!

There is nothing like letting go of all the worries and fears of the day and just slinging paint!

And no one does that better than my fabulous artist friend Angela Meijers!

She exhibits no fear and dives right in.  And if she gets stuck….

she doesn’t quit… she takes a risk!

She grabs whatever paint is the closest and slathers it or drips it or pours it onto the canvas!    She dances and reaches and jumps!  She laughs and giggles and sings!

The end result is Fabulous!

Fuss It Up! Designs Art Studio currently has the privilege of  being home to some of her works in progress as she takes her painting to the next level and gets ready for upcoming shows.  And as if that’s not enough… she’ll be sharing some of her expertise while she’s  here!

She really is an amazing artist!

Stay tuned for more details on her art and upcoming shows or

follow her on her blog!



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