New Class Listings!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Just a few quick announcements…

Flooding has caused

Fuss It Up! Boutique & Art Studio to be closed for a few days.  Sadly, I still don’t know when we will be able to reopen as the forecast calls for more rain.  The good thing is that the only apparent damage is to  the floor… which is an easy fix!  A little hard work, fresh air and sunshine is all it will take to get up and running again.  I might also be inspired to add some color to the walls… just for fun!

New Classes & Workshops

have been added to the classes & workshops page so check those out and sign up today!  More will be added soon… such as

“Wonderful Whimsical You” and a four week “Mixed Media Art Journal”  class. Saturday classes for the summer months have also been assigned  and never forget that ART PARTIES are always available!!!

Fun Flirty and Fabulous Farmers Market Alert:

The highly anticipated Valley Junction Farmers Market is about to get under way!  This market is known for it’s amazing food, fresh produce and fun finds as well as the awesome live music!  Plan to attend every Thursday night from 5~9pm starting May 6th.


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