I just had the most delightful conversation with a mother and her three daughters about how much we love Paris… and France, for that matter!  I’m one of those who plays French music, watches French movies and ALWAYS plans on going for a visit!  I’ve got books about the best hotels, restaurants and sights to see as well as French language tapes… one of which is  playing now….”ma clé, s’il vous plaît”… “my key, please”.  Even my art is filled with my love for all things French.  The fleur-de-lis and Eiffel Tower are everywhere and my girls, whom I consider to be some of my finest work, are named Monet and Matisse.

Why I have this particular obsession is really beyond me… nor do I know how to cure it!  The  more I get of it, the more I want!  If I could have my way, I’d pack up and move to Paris  YESTERDAY and take frequent trips to the southern coast!  Why oh why do I LOVE Paris???


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