Let’s hear it for the Blogs!

As a relative newbie to the wonderful world of blogging, I thought I should jump at the chance to participate in a webinar through Trump University called “Grow Your Business with Social Media Marketing”.  I didn’t really know what to expect but I most definitely expected information that would be useful.  However, that is not exactly what I got.  I guess a few things could be categorized as useful, but all of those were things I previously thought to be common sense.  Things like, “content is king” and “build a network” with like-minded contacts.  In addition to the huge lack of useful information was the fact that the webinar slide show was not functioning properly, froze and went unnoticed by the host until after the hour was over!

Now… just so you don’t think I’m a negative person, I will add that everyone has a bad day every once in a while… especially me… and maybe that was the case today.

But the point I want to make and the whole reason for this post is to say that I’ve decided  the wisest and best way to learn about “social media” is to watch and learn from the best!  Many have gone before me and had great success… so here’s to YOU!  All the blogs that I have watched and loved, I will learn from you.  The tags, the content, the format and everything else that makes you great…   I will watch and learn… do my best… and build a creative, intelligent and absolutely fabulous blog… filled with colorful, fun and inspiration… with the  goal of becoming part of the already awesome blog community that I already love!


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